December Homeownership Checklist 2022

November 29, 2022

December is here and we are so excited to do a complete overhaul on our house. We've lived in this home the longest (3 whole years haha) and let's just say we have kept just about everything. We will be doing 10 min sprints and keep, donate, trash and box away every room until we are done. If you are not in our boat and have kept up on your home here is your focus for December.

December Homeownership Checklist 2022

Check paths, stairs, and railings for safety

Deep-clean bathrooms

Check bathtub caulk and repair if needed

Remove the last of the Fall leaves.

Restock emergency kits for car and home

Order firewood

Clean Garbage Disposal

Lubricate Door Locks

Clean (and flip) your mattresses

Get a Chimney Sweep to Inspect the Fireplace

Get a head start on your holiday shopping

Host an ugly sweater party

Make a donation to your local food pantry 

Order holiday cards & update your contact list

December 2022 Homeownership Checklist.pdf