Summer Home Prep

June 14, 2022

Summer is officially here, and we couldn't be more excited, Summer Vacations, BBQs, Beach Days, and so much more. We might be ready to get outside and enjoy the sun, but a few things need to get done inside and outside our homes to prepare them for the summer months. 

We kept the list short and sweet because, let's be honest, we don't want to spend all our time doing house things when we could be enjoying the summer days outside. 

Here are our top Summer Home Prep Tips:

  • Have your HVAC serviced, don't wait until the dog days of Summer to call an HVAC company to service your unit. This is the busiest time for them, and you could go days without AC during the hottest days.
  • Clean your gutters. Leaves and dirt build-up in the gutters and cause a blockage that can damage your roof or gutters.
  • Wash and Replace Window Screens. All winter, our windows hold firm and capture dirt, dust, and leaves. Take a few moments or hire someone to clean your windows, screens, and tracks. Replace any broken screens to keep the bugs out this Summer.
  • Keep the bugs out. Hire a pest company or do it yourself. Either way, you want to spritz outside your home to keep unwanted bugs away. You can also caulk your windows and doors to stop bugs from entering your home.
  • Prep your BBQ for grilling. Before starting your BBQ up for the season, check hoses for cracks, holes, or blockages. If you have a gas grill, heat it for 20-30 min and scrub the grates with a clean grill brush. Use hot soapy water and a clean sponge on the grate for charcoal. 
  • Check all smoke detectors and replace any batteries.
  • Reverse Ceiling Fan blades. It's a good idea to switch the directions of your blades for the summer months. They should spin counter-clockwise, as it helps push the air straight down, creating a nice breeze. 
  • Clean your washing machine! If you are the adventurous type, take it all apart and clean everything. If not, bleach, vinegar, and baking soda are great cleaning agents for a dirty washer. 

Now that we are done prepping our home for Summer, it's time to get outside and enjoy the Reno/Tahoe events and our sandy beaches.