10 Reasons You Should Rekey Your Home

May 19, 2022

We have a spare key at our home hidden so that if we ever get locked out, we have a way back into our house. 

Well, something super weird happened... The key went missing but not the box it was in. Fast forward a few weeks on Monday afternoon, we randomly found it on our porch. 

Pure panic came over us and we immediately called a locksmith to come and rekey our home. There is no messing around when it comes to our safety. 

To spread a little awareness, we put together 10 reasons why you should rekey your locks.

Most of the reasons to rekey have something to do with our homes, but this could also apply to your business or storage units also.

  1. When moving into a new property
  2. When keys go missing
  3. When roommates move out
  4. After a separation
  5. If things begin to disappear with no sign of forced entry
  6. Every few years, just because
  7. To have all locks share the same key
  8. If you have lost track of where keys are or who has them
  9. After a home renovations 
  10. And if you own a business or office space: If an employee quits and does not return keys

We think your safety is one of the most important pieces, we used Alpine Lock and Key. We were able to get into them quickly and to rekey 4 doors it was $130ish and you get 4 keys with that.