Why You Might Want to List Sooner Than Later

February 14, 2022

1. INTEREST RATES: Interest rates have remained at historic lows for quite some time now. But according to many leading economists, those rates will start to rise this year and in just a few short months. A quarter of a point could mean buying a house or having to push it off for a while longer because the price increase is just too much.

While buyer foot traffic is typically lower in the winter months, there are still a lot of buyers who didn't find homes last year yet want to take advantage of those low rates. Our clients were one of 36 offers. If that doesn't tell you demand is still high, I don't know what will convince you.

Here's why: Increasing interest rates can affect buyers' purchasing power (how much house they can afford).

While interest rates are still really low, listing your home now will allow buyers to lock in their rate for 60 days (meaning before Spring).

2. LESS COMPETITION:  The Spring market is beginning to uptick now, with just a few more properties coming on the market than there have been in the past. By putting your house on the market now, you won't have to compete with all the homeowners following the trend of waiting for Spring. YAY!

3. SERIOUS BUYERS: As I said, the number of buyers on the market tends to be less in the winter months. That might sound like a negative, but the silver lining is that you'll attract buyers who are serious and ready to move now.