12 Days of Living Local

December 15, 2021

12 Days of Living Local

This month we wanted to spotlight some fantastic local companies. The pandemic brought new light to small businesses, and economists say it is hard to pinpoint how many businesses closed permanently or temporarily. The only issue we see if the definition of a small business is by firm revenue (ranging from $1 million to over $40 million) and by employment (from 100 to over 1,500 employees). Whatever the number, we are saddened to see hard-working businesses close no matter the reason.

Those to us are small businesses, but what about those with less than 100 employees. Small businesses make up 99% of the US businesses, but what about the micro businesses? 

Many local businesses are less than 100 employees, and we want to focus on those! 

Our community is the heart of our business, and we will continue to support local and small businesses whenever we can. Being a small business ourselves, we find it so important to be there and share as much as we can. 

For 12ish days we shared a local business each day. Here is a recap of each of the businesses and a few extras just because. 

Stylish Scribe 

Hot Tub Superstore

Dog Gone Amazing

JaDa Loft Boutique

Ijji Noodle House and 12 Tea

FCA Tree Lot

Home Means Nevada Co.

Vida Coffee

Perenn Bakery


Toys N More

Sparks Florist

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