Thankful for Mortgages

November 16, 2021

I know it sounds funny, but we are so thankful for mortgages. 

To us, mortgages mean ownership and pride. Ownership in something that is ours and we can do what we want (within HOA guidelines) and pride in the fact that we have accomplished so much. Homeownership is 

It is the month of giving thanks and we have to be really transparent. 

Having a mortgage is a double edge sword. 

Yes, you are paying money each month with interest, but long term you are working towards owning one of the largest assets that you can leverage against itself to purchase more. 

We wanted to break down the mortgage process into easy steps, because not only should you get pre-approved if you haven't, you should consider looking into refinancing, or what it would look like to purchase an investment property. 

  • Applying for a mortgage is a big step towards homeownership, but it doesn't need to be one you fear. Here are some tips to help you prepare.
  • Know your credit score and work to build strong credit. When you're ready, lean on your agent to connect you with a lender so you can get pre-approved and begin your home search.
  • Any major life change can be scary, and buying a home is no different. Partner with a trusted real estate professional to take the fear out of the equation.