Fall Home Clean-up

September 22, 2021

It's Time to Prep for Winter

I know it seems early, but proper fall care will prep your home and landscaping for winter and come back for a green spring. Yes, you need the essentials like wreaths, pumpkins, and cozy blankets but let's call this everything you need to prep your home for fall list. 

Fall Clean-Up

This one is an ongoing clean-up. To have a green spring, you want to prune your trees and bushes and remove leaves. Unfortunately, the leaves will fall until winter, so those will need to be cleaned a few times through the fall season.


The irrigation system is just as important as your outdoor faucets. Irrigation systems can be spendy, especially if you get a small crack during the winter and don't find it until late spring once everything is back on and running. You could run into high landscaping costs trying to find the leak and a high monthly water bill to show for it. 

Fertilize Your Grass

The work you do on your lawn in Fall and Winter will show up in Spring and Summer. Even though the grass isn't actively growing during this time, the roots are still very much alive. Fertilizing your grass will prevent damage during the colder months. It is also known that when you fertilize, your grass will come back quicker in the spring. 

Fall Tree Service

To avoid any damage to your trees, it's essential to have someone come out, or you can always take that responsibility on yourself to trim and tend to your tree. It's also important when spring comes around that your trees do not "drink" too early as the inside of the tree can freeze, and ultimately, that kills your tree. And unfortunately, if your trees are fully matured, that isn't something you can easily replace. 

Gutter Clean Out

Gutters work, and we don't know that they aren't working until it's too late. Traditionally they don't need a lot, and they do need a little TLC every so often. Catch it before it's too late. Cleaning out your gutters is very simple. Typically you will have a buildup of leaves and dirt from the roof tiles. Clear them out and, if necessary, replace what you need. You can always hire a company to clean and maintain your gutters. 

Drain the Faucets

We learned the hard way. I repeat, drain your outdoor faucets, and take your garden hose off and put them away. When we moved into our first home, we left our hose attached and had a pipe burst in our basement. It was a disaster. Thank goodness we were home and saw it right away, or there could have been massive damage and expensive repairs to manage. 

Replace Filters

In addition to the fire season, I can guarantee your filters are disgusting! We had to replace our home filters twice this summer because of the Dixie Fire and Caldor Fire. If your filters are clogged, it is harder for your home to keep at the set temperature. You can sometimes get away with vacuuming your filter once before you replace it and, I would HIGHLY suggest skipping that if you haven't replaced them since the summer of this year.

Check Your Batteries

Once every six months, you should check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices. Since you already have the ladder out for filters, you might as well check your safety devices.