June Homeownership Checklist

June 23, 2021

To help you make your home fresh for the summer, I've rounded up the top things to add to your list to get your home Summer ready!

  •  Schedule Outdoor Projects
  •  Plant Bee-friendly flowers
  •  Paint something a pop of color
  •  Power wash your deck and patio furniture
  •  Make iced coffee at home and sip it on the deck
  •  Service your sprinklers
  •  Replace your air conditioner filter
  •  Clean between your windows and screens
  •  Clean your grill grates
  •  Create a summer must-do list
  •  Make homemade lemonade or a fun summer cocktail
  •  Corral summer necessities in a basket or bowl
  •  Install screen doors
  •  Hang a clothesline for drying towels and swimsuits
  •  Lighten up decor – breezy curtains, light colors
  •  Make or buy bug repellent jars for your backyard