January 28, 2021

Your home is your oasis, especially now more than ever, our place to relax and kick back after a long day. So, it's time to invest in a few things to add to your oasis. Check out our tips below to help you reach a new level of at-home self-care

Introduce calming scents.

Diffusers, essential oils, or candles are a great way to add a calming scent to your home or workspace. Lavender, valerian, camomile, and bergamot can ease stress or anxiety.

Drown out the noise.

Are you having trouble sleeping due to distracting outside noises? Many new parents use sleep machines for their babies and don't use one for themselves. A sound machine could be your solution. Most sound machines have several sounds to choose from, including natural noises, fan sound effects, and white noise.

Wake up more naturally.

Studies have shown that waking up to natural light allows you to start your day in a better mood and with more energy. However, sometimes waking up to real sunlight isn't an option. A wake-up light can also get the job done. Many have natural wake-up sounds, radio, and best of all, a snooze option.

Get an at-home massage.

There are few things out there that feel better than a great massage. Yes, there are at-home massage therapists, and that might not be affordable regularly. You can bring that feeling home with a shoulder or back massager. Most massagers offer different modes, heat options, and speeds for you to choose from depending on the massaging area you are focused on.

Whether you try one or more of our tips above or find something else that works best for you, self-care and relaxation is always a significant investment in personal care!