5 Ways to Boost Your Internet Speed

May 28, 2020

As Phase-1 begins and we perfect our work-life new "normal," many companies and people are choosing to stay home and work remotely. 

Business for us is just that -- different, as much as we love seeing our clients, virtual will have to be it for a while, until we get word otherwise. When we recently checked our internet speed, we were 100 megabytes below the standard package.  

Besides calling and upgrading because that can be costly, here are a few tips on how to increase your internet speed.

Place your router in a central, open location.

Your connection speed is affected by distance and location, if possible, place your router in an open area between the rooms you use your wifi most. It should be above furniture, off the ground, and upright.

Avoid obstacles and interference.

Keep it away from metal, brick, or concrete walls that slow internet speeds. Additionally, other electronics like baby monitors, microwaves, and cordless phones can interfere with the connection.

Steaming and Other Devices.

It's suggested you only use wifi on devices without a connection port. To help boost speed, you should exit streaming apps when no longer in use, turn off automatic updates on apps, gaming consoles, and PC's.

Look into a wireless range extender.

Have you noticed that your far room is a wifi dead zone? Although an extender won't boost the speed of your internet, it will help increase the signal in the room it is placed in, extending the connection's reach.

Upgrade your router and firmware.

If the router in your home is outdated, that may be the reason your bandwidth is not reaching its full potential. Your router should be upgraded every three to four years. Plus, many new routers allow data to transmit over two frequencies, giving you two networks.