What's new Reno -- April Edition

March 26, 2020

With the Governer's request to shut down all non-essential businesses, it has caused our events calendar to be pretty none existent for the first part of April and potentially the entire month. And guess what, that's ok, our Community is strong. Spring is coming and many of these events just pushed their dates back.

Our calendar has not updated with the new dates and locations. As we begin to see businesses open and events scheduled again, we will update you on our Facebook Business page. We did want to make sure you had the calendar to reference, and some of these events may still be scheduled, so please make sure to check the local businesses' site.

We hope that you are spending this time with family, Spring cleaning, and learning how to juggle the home/work-life balance. We like to call this counterbalance because it just never seems to feel "balanced."  Our local small businesses need you more now than ever before. If you are a small business please let us know so we can add you to our Support Local social media post. Small businesses are the core of Reno and something we are very passionate about as we are also a small business and have family, friends and forever clients who also own small businesses here locally. 

Make sure to follow our social media and monthly spotlight emails as we interview local businesses on what makes them special.

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